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Create an account with us and we'll generate a profile for you. Once completed, just sit back and relax. We'll do the connecting for you. 

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Make sure you let us know your job experience, relevant skills, and upload your resume so companies can see what you bring to the table. Don’t be afraid to show off -- this is your chance to land an awesome project or job!

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As you complete more projects, make sure you update your skills and resume. It is important that you stand out among all of the other candidates, so don't be afraid to add relevant experience as you earn them. 

Get to work

Once contacted by a company, you can learn about their objectives and start working for them. Don’t forget to check in and let them know how you’re making progress! The more satisfied the company, the higher your star rating!

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Work flexibly

As an on-site or virtual independent contractor, you are allowed to work when you want, from where you want. This means you can work from the library, local coffee shop, or even in your bed! If you don’t have time to work one day, that’s okay, because you can make it up between meetings and errands the next day.

What are my responsibilities as a subcontractor?

Make sure you fill out the appropriate forms to become an independent contractor. This is made easy, since BluePoint will send the forms to you upon registration. Keep track of your income for when tax season comes around.

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BluePoint will instantly connect your growing business with top rated students and professionals across the nation for on-demand virtual and on-site work.Through a quickly growing database, sorted by specializations, we are able to connect your business! Just fill in your company’s relevant information.

Post a job or project

Our contractors can work 2 hours or 40 hours per week, managing your social media accounts, working on marketing strategies, business development, graphic design, accounting, finance, programming and a lot more. Browse through our profiles and send us an email if you're interested. 

Connect with a student

Pick your perfect candidate

Connect with our contractors and learn a little more about their skills and experience. When you find a candidate that is compatible with your company, reach out to us and we'll connect you via email or phone. 

Start collaborating virtually

Using BluePoint’s recommended tools like Trello, outline some weekly objectives for the contractor and schedule check-ins as needed. Take control of your work, we won't push our processes on you. 

Can I have more information?

Contractors are subcontracted, flexibly. 

Allow students to practice classroom theory and professionals to add to their resume. They’re classified as independent contractors or subcontractors, removing the burden of paying additional health benefits and limiting your liability.

What are my responsibilities

Through BluePoint, companies are afforded lots of autonomy. Check in every day or every week, pay the contractor an hourly wage of your choice (above $13/hour) and hire as many contractors as you want. The best part, we have no fees. 

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